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The Exam for the Basic Conceptual Foundations of the Adizes Methodology - Phase 0 - is made up of three separate sections.

Section one is called Mastering Change and covers the books "Mastering Change" and "How to Solve the Mismanagement Crisis." Covered topics include change, management, CAPI, complimentary teams, leadership, Mutual Trust and Respect, the Success Formula, Perceptions of Reality, the Adizes 8 Step Decision Making Process, the Four Imperatives, The Adizes Program for Organizational Transformation, The 9 Characteristics of a Good Manager and Sources of Conflict.

Section two is called The Roles and Styles of Management and covers the books "The Ideal Executive" and "Management/Mismanagement Styles."

Section three is called Structure and Lifecycles of Organizations and covers the books "Managing Corporate Lifecycles" and "The Pursuit of Prime." The exam covers both the descriptive, analytical and prescriptive parts of the Corporate Lifecycles as well as the basics of Organization Structure.

This course contains the current professional practices and the glossary of Adizes terms.
It is REQUIRED reading for Adizes Associates, and we recommend checking back in on a regular basis as there are frequent updates to the practices.
Introduction to "Leading Highly Effective Teams, Adizes Integrator's Training"

This is the english version of the 7 Sources of Conflict online resource.
Introduction Course to the Adizes Institute for all members of the Adizes Institute.
Phase III Participants Training: 5 Videos
Started Oct 2014.
Faculty Senthil Viswanathan.